So, at times, words are sometimes hard to express. This is one of those times. 



Thank you for helping this project come to life. Thank you for taking a chance on something new. Thank you for taking a chance on us.

I don’t think either of us expected our project to become funded this quickly. Now we can heartily say… We are 100% funded!

We hit the jackpot! Totally on purpose.
We hit the jackpot! Totally on purpose.

So… now what do we do?

First of all, pat yourself on the back! You helped yet another Kickstarter campaign become successful, and caused two dorks to jump for joy. We still have about 20 days left, so why not crack open some stretch goals so everyone gets extra goodies? 

The first one, being little chibi stickers of the cast in book one!

Yay stickers!
Yay stickers!

If we are pledged $500 more Canadian dollars, stickers will be unlocked and added to all physical tiers! These were originally made as emotes for the Pirate Conclave discord server, and we plan to turn them into stickers for anyone to emote anywhere (after a little sprucing up on the final product, of course)!

We’re not too far away, now! Let’s hit it! There are still many who have not seen our work yet and we still need your help, if you’re willing!

Later this afternoon we’re going to post our second Feature Friday with four projects we think are cool that you should check out, so stay tuned!

Thank you again, everyone. We could not have done this without you. We’re excited to see what the end of this campaign holds!


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