Tankitha absolutely knocked it out of the park YET AGAIN.

Tank’s understanding of light and shadow and color just blows our mind every time. As some of you may know, she typically colors covers for us, and has also helped us with other small comic projects such as KC Widdoe’s The Templar and Jordan Kirian’s Adventures in Cryptozoology! Ya’ll should seriously give her a follow!

She’s on Instagram, Twitter, ArtStation, Patreon, and Facebook under the same name!

And now, the process of our book cover for Crown & Anchor Volume One from start to finish!

Typography & Logo by Toben
BONUS! The back cover!

I’m so happy! ;0;
Soon we’ll be able to show off a comp copy/dummy version of the book so ya’ll can see what it looks like! Things are coming together! We’re waiting on just a few more things: dummy book, a couple more quotes, one more commission, weighing for the post office, and then filming!
Let us know what you think!
Do you like the cover?
Do you think Tank is amazing?
Are you looking forward to the Kickstarter?


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