The Kickstarter already seemed just around the corner from us, but now it’s ACTUALLY HERE.
Tomorrow at 12pm eastern, we sail!
There will be a countdown for members of the Discord server if you wanna hop on any specific tiers right away!

As an update, we got all the shipping costs locked in for Canadian, US, and International backers. We will not be going through Canada Post, but ChitChats! All packages will have tracking.

We also decided to add another tier!
Between Ragamuffin ($15 CAD) and Bounty Hunter ($40 CAD) we offer the Fry Cook tier at $30 CAD (that’s about $23 USD)! You get the digital and physical versions of the book with your name in the credits.
This way, if backers solely wanted the physical book and nothing else, they can back the Fry Cook Tier!

As a small bonus, this panel from Crown & Anchor issue 5 wraps up our feelings about our campaign… rather well x,D
Toben’s outlook vs my outlook.

Either way, we’re excited to be running our first Kickstarter together! We want to thank you all so much for your encouragement, feedback, trouble-shooting, and excitement!

If you’re not able to monetarily support this campaign at the time, please don’t worry or feel bad! If you share this campaign with others, that will be a tremendous help in getting our product out there for all to see!


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