T H E   M O O N S

There are 181 known moons in our solar system, and each moon goes through their many phases.
I have taken 8 of those moons and personified them, designs corresponding to the different phases. I added a bonus moon and phase, totaling 9 moons in these postcard sets!
On the front of each card is an illustration of the personified celestial, with an image of their moon (that I could find), behind them.
The backs of the cards contain various facts and information regarding the origins of their names.

I didn’t come up with the idea solely on my own. When reminiscing about the older Zodiacs I had drawn a few years ago, I was talking to some friends about what other sets I could potentially make into future prints. Some suggestions were months, gemstones, seasons, planets… and then someone mentioned moons.
Moons, I thought, would be really fun! At least a few of them since there are so many (many many more than I thought!). Thank you friends for all your help and for helping this fun project come to fruition!
So I started by picking out names I liked from lists of each planets moons. There are a couple planets that don’t even have orbiting moons, and I know one planet has well over 50 moons.
Some are massive, some are so small we haven’t even caught them on camera yet.
I initially thought to do prints, but I decided portraits would be better. I had decided on 5 or 6 but also made the choice to incorporate stages of the moons in their design. And that is how they came to be!

9 total illustrated post cards.
Each card is 4″x6″ with a semi-gloss finish.
I printed them at a local printer, Studio Comix Press. They do such wonderful work for me!
Please allow 7-14 days to arrive after your order has shipped!

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