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//  MASH-UPS  //

For Inktober 2017, instead of just drawing busts of stuff I wanted, I decided to do some mash-ups.
I was inspired by Brother Baston on YouTube  and his combination character designs he created with his patron’s suggestions. Inktober was a perfect time to experiment.

From there, I got a couple polls going – one for an element or property, and one for RPG classes and creatures (for example ‘fire’ and ‘warrior’ or ‘mayonnaise’ and ‘gopher’). I filled in the remaining gaps with prompts in each list. After that, I used a random name generator to pair the two prompts together.

I had a lot of help from my friends and am grateful for their participation. I hope it made them feel more involved, rather than simply observing.

It was fun seeing which properties lined up with each subject. Some were really strange and others I got really excited to draw. Others, I really didn’t have solid ideas in my head, but created something anyhow!

I hope you enjoy the art, as well as the stories I have provided. Please share with friends! Every little bit helps. I am grateful for your interest in my work. Thank you for visiting!

— Alaire Racicot

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