Crown & Anchor #3 (Digital)


The third issue in the Crown & Anchor series. 23 pages, black & white.


CROWN & ANCHOR #3 Crown & Anchor is a fantasy/sci-fi maritime adventure, starring three bumbling idiots and their accidental acquisition of an ancient relic: The Divine Token. With relic in hand and the mysterious Pirate Lords hot on their heels, they fight to overcome forces that would otherwise take their treasures and their lives. Experience a grand adventure upon the high seas where not all adversaries are on the water, but also within ourselves.

Two bounty hunters, Hebb and Mact, joined by the elf, Skitt, paid a visit to Trinx Athas, fence for rare stolen goods. Trinx confirmed what Nax had told the bounty hunters – the coin they inherited is indeed a Divine Token. After a scuffle with Trinx and her guards, the trio received word via Figlo, the mail seagull, about a new bounty. Before they were able to leave the island, some mercenaries that Naifri sent caught up to them. Their attempts to prove Naifri’s guilt failed, prompting a hasty exit. Now, leaving Wathyr behind them, the trio hurries to rescue a kidnapped technia expert. Maybe they’ll finally get paid…

This issue is 23 pages. Pages are in black and white.
Created, written and lettered by Toben Racicot, illustrated and co-created by Alaire Racicot. Cover colored by Tankitha Joy.
This is a digital version of Crown & Anchor #3 and can be downloaded to your computer or electronic device.


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