Holy hell in a hand-basket!
And we love them! ;0;
So many leetle birbs!

Gold, hard enamel pins, about 1.3 inches in diameter, with a black rubber backing to boot! These pins were constructed by Made By Cooper, who are now our favorite people.

They sent us a mock-up of the design and what it would look like, and offered suggestions to have our pin look it’s best. They also helped us with any errors in the order.
Once the dispatch email was sent, we thought it’d be weeks before the pins would arrive.
Our little Figlo’s were at our door in ONE. WEEK.
As some of you may know, we were very excited when they came in. We apologize again for destroying anyone’s eardrums during the live-stream yesterday.

If you’re going to have any soft enamel, hard lapel, or rainbow pins made, any patches, socks, or even temporary tattoos for your projects, we highly recommend Made By Cooper!

The Figlo pin will be available in Tiers 0, and 4-7 (Early Mailbird, Privateer, Fence, Divine Messenger, and Pirate Lord). You can check on the tiers here!

With any luck, we can unlock a second Figlo pin! Thanks everyone for your excitement about the campaign so far!

Less than a week now! Cheers!


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