We’ve finally submitted our campaign to Kickstarter! Super excited (and nervous) for launch! We should receive word on our review by the 30th.

Our official launch date will be February 5th, 2019, at 12pm Eastern

We will have an official countdown on the Discord server.

In the meantime, check out our video! Our photomancer friend Christian volunteered to help us film our video and take nice photos of us and our product! No worries, we loaded him full of shawarma, and will continue to do so, until our debt is paid. We’re very grateful for all his hard work.

Thanks everyone for sticking around for updates on our campaign! It’s a lot of work – it’s aggravating, exciting, and rewarding. We had a lot of help from our friends and connections on our project, and hope for the best!

One. More. Week.


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