We just picked up some comp/dummy copies of Crown & Anchor: Legends No More! (Lovingly printed by the folks at StudioComix Press!)
Holding the results of a brain child and all your hard work in your hands is something really special. We’re happy with how these are looking so far.
All we have to do now is make a few edits, decide on paper weight, and send it back for production! We’re so excited!

With less than three weeks left until launch, things are quickly coming together. This weekend we will film our Kickstarter video and hopefully enjoy some milkshakes as the last pull quotes come in!

We also got all our commissions in for the back of the book and they look amazing ;0; We love them so much!
Please follow these amazing artists who helped us with fun pin-ups and the cover:
Colt Smith
Jessica Lee
Naxx (NSFW!)
Jenn Lee
Mauro Mandalari
Tankitha Joy


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