Hey everyone! The days are winding down!
We have less than two weeks left in the campaign. When you have a spare moment, please consider giving our campaign a share (or even picking up a book for yourself)! We would love to unlock more stretch goals so everyone gets more goodies!

There are multiple ways to share! If you add a short blurb, that will help even more.

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Example blurb:
Who enjoys fantasy & sci-fi, alternative pirates, and/or really dumb jokes? This book would be a great comic for them! This book can be an introduction into comics and manga if one wants to venture into the media without feeling overwhelmed by a gigantic series, but also for the avid comic reader who wants something new and ridiculous!

If you want to check it out before buying the physical book, no problem! The comic is free to read online at many comic websites (Tapas, Webtoon, ComicFury, Smackjeeves to name some). Please give it a shot and grab a book before the kickstarter’s time runs out!

Thank you everyone for your support and excitement! We’re so grateful to be funded and to share our stories with you!


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