I draw for a living, y’know! If you enjoy my work and want something of your own, I’m always open for commissions!
Whether it’s an original character, your friend, your pet, a Dungeons & Dragons character, fan art, or pieces of equipment, I can make it happen.

Here is a list of prices and art samples!
(Keep scrolling for the art samples!)
If you have additional questions, send me an email under ‘Contact Us’! I’d love to hear from you.
If you’d like to contact me directly, or request a deity drawn, send an email to: alaire.bowen@gmail.com

I can do commissions in traditional pencil, ink, or digital. Note that anything colored is digital only.

Digital canvas usually sized at 6.5″x10″ unless specified. Please specify if you want something traditional. Traditional canvases are 9″x12″ and a shipping address will need to be provided.


Paypal and Venmo are accepted! When using Paypal, please use the Friends and Family/Trusted option when sending so that fees are avoided. Otherwise, fees are tacked onto the total cost.

I accept half the estimated cost up front, half the cost at the end. No commissions will be started until the first half is paid!

If paying for a traditional piece, the cost for shipping will be added to the final bill.



$125Comic/Book Covers – B&W
add $150with colors
$125Comic pages – B&W
add $50with tones
add $150with colors
$75 eachCharacter Bust – B&W
add $50 eachwith color
add $15 – $30 eachadditional items – weapons, props, pets, etc.
$100Character Half Body – B&W
add $80 eachwith color
add $15 – $30 eachadditional items – weapons, props, pets, etc.
$125 eachCharacter Full Body – B&W
add $125 eachwith color
add $15 – $30 eachadditional items – extra weapons, props, pets, etc.
$500Special: Custom Deity
add $150with color
add $15 – $30 eachadditional items – weapons, props, pets, etc.
Please inquire!Character Group Portraits
$50Equipment – B&W
add $50with color
add $40Simple Background – B&W or Colored
add $80 – 125Detailed Background – B&W
add $125with color
add $30 – $50Tones
add $5 – $50Edits


  • B&W refers to black & white; no color
  • Colored work only applies when working on a digital piece. Flats and gradients are used. Nothing is rendered or painted.
  • Bust refers to head and shoulders only
  • Full Body, in this case, refers to everything else past the shoulders
  • A simple background entails small spot color/texture, shapes, or frames
  • A detailed background entails landscapes and overall backgrounds that take up most of the composition
  • For equipment, I can draw you swords, staves, helmets, artifacts, etc.
  • Tones refers to halftones and screen tones – essentially greyscale in place of color.


For edits, the price ranges with the severity of changes, such as:
Things not previously mentioned in a script or description are then added
Changes to the same thing occur multiple times
I am asked to go back to completed pages/drawings to make changes
Edit & finalize scripts before sending; Gather all references, photos, & info before commissioning. 
Thank you!







Please keep in mind, these prices are as they stand because of my extensive time spent developing my craft, which has spanned over two decades of self-teaching, daily drawing, and academic training at art school.

Being an artist in my field means not receiving benefits from an hourly wage job, therefore I charge a professional artist rate to cover wages, health, dental, taxes, and any paid leave.

Thank you for your understanding and for your interest!


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