I’ve been wanting to share this for a while. More encouragement for artists than anything.
Liam Sharp, when someone asked him how he got into the comics industry:

Art is hard, often thankless work. And yet nearly everything we touch and see and hear is made by an artist, a writer, a musician, a kitchen alchemist, a designer, a creative.
You can do it.

Now, just to be more transparent
Here’s how much work I’ve been doing and have been getting paid for. This was 2018 if ya’ll recall the post recording everything I worked on.

Not to get sympathy, but to provide understanding of how much artists need to build and build, and how much they may not even be compensated for their long hours and skills and knowledge. Not to mention sweat, tears, and frustration, which comes with every job!

Keep working.
Keep seeking opportunities.
Don’t ever stop. You are changing the world, individual by individual, whether people see your art’s value or not. So long as you do, DO IT.

Don’t sell yourself short, ever. 
Don’t let others guilt you – whether you know them, or they’re strangers. 
Don’t be afraid to charge what you deserve and NEED, ever. You don’t need to starve, and you don’t have to. Sometimes we need to make sacrifices, such as having multiple jobs to pay for the job we want. Sometimes it drains us, but it doesn’t make you any less of an artist, and you don’t deserve any less payment.


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